Bellantoni Landscape receives license rights

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – White Plains-based Bellantoni Landscape~The Art & Science (Bellantoni Landscape) has become Powered by LandOpt, expanding the growing national network of landscape contractors to New York. Bellantoni Landscape now has LandOpt license rights within central Westchester County, N.Y. and Greenwich, Conn.

As a LandOpt contractor, Bellantoni Landscape will incorporate the discipline of the LandOpt System into their day-to-day business in order to streamline operations and improve business processes, with the goal of more quickly achieving growth and expansion goals. At the same time, they hope to further refine the customer service experience through enhanced professionalism and efficiency. Established in 1963 by Michael Bellantoni Sr., the company has grown to serve commercial, municipal and residential accounts within their region, incorporating training, technology and science in every aspect of the business. The ownership team has also expanded to include sons Michael Jr. and Matthew.
While Bellantoni Landscape has enjoyed tremendous success in their 50+ years of business, they have also had to deal with the challenges that come with defining responsibilities for a growing team, and navigating the stumbling blocks that inevitably appear when trying to take the next significant growth step.
“Everyone on our team wears multiple hats, so to speak,” said Michael Jr. “That’s why we were intrigued by the LandOpt System – we liked the concept of defined roles and HR processes that will create career paths for our team and ultimately aid in retention. Our goal is to reduce the ‘hats’ and, at the same time, grow and improve our bottom line.”
Professionalism has always been a hallmark for Bellantoni Landscape. The LandOpt processes and systems will help further raise the bar in that regard, something that Michael Jr. believes is critical for the industry as a whole. “The green industry has long struggled with its image, and that is due, in part, to inconsistent regulations and a relatively easy entry point,” he said. But, with increased certifications and other methods of establishing professional practices and standards, the owner is confident that the situation can improve. “As a landscape contractor, our team understands that improving the image of our industry begins with educating our clients. Without question, a well-educated client understands the value that a highly professional contractor brings.”
Looking ahead, the Bellantoni Landscape ownership team sees growth in their future. “Our goal is to both grow the company and expand to additional locations, while still providing first-rate service for our clients. The key is to build a good functioning model – which LandOpt will help us do. From there, it’s fairly easy to replicate that model.” Michael Jr said.
LandOpt President and CEO, Tim Smith, agreed. “A proven system creates a solid foundation on which any business can confidently grow and expand. Instead of the guess work or trial and error that often accompanies growth, there is predictability which yields tremendous confidence at all levels within the business,” he said. “We are excited to work with the Bellantoni family as they strive to achieve their business growth goals.”

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