Manitou Group joins 8,000 international companies

Ancenis – Manitou has become a member of the United Nations Global Compact, the largest voluntary global citizenship initiative for companies.

"We are convinced that sustainable growth and responsibility are inseparable, and that the 10 principles of the Global Compact represent a great base for the Manitou Group to grow in this regard," said Michel Denis, the group’s president and CEO. "This membership strengthens our commitment to integrating these principles into our strategy, our culture, our operations and the interactions with our stakeholders."
The signing of the compact strengthens the group’s ambitions and the company’s CSR approach, "ELEVATION," with the goal of making progress and making their activity last.
As a member of the Global Compact, every year the Manitou Group commits to reporting the actions it has taken and the results it has obtained relating to the implementation of the Compact’s 10 principles.
Initiated by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, 8,000 companies from 145 countries have signed the Global Compact, making it the largest global voluntary initiative in the field of corporate social responsibility. The objective of this initiative that is backed by multiple stakeholders is to integrate the 10 universally recognized principles into the companies’ strategies and activities. These principles relate to human rights, work conditions, the environment and fighting corruption.
To learn more about the United Nations Global Compact, please visit:

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