Landscaper reports stolen equipment

JACKSON, Tenn. — A Jackson landscaper says his business is taking a $50,000 loss at the hands of thieves.

An empty plot of land along North Parkway has Jackson landscaper Michael Jenkins puzzled. On Friday, he told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News more than $50,000 worth of equipment had been stolen from the land he rents. "I think they’re just hitting what they can," he said.
Jenkins owns Groundwork Lawn and Landscaping. He said the theft has taken a toll on business after a 2014 Kubota tractor, a 20-foot gooseneck flat-deck trailer and a 7-foot bush hog were stolen.
"If this happened in the wintertime or late fall it might be a different story, but even in the wintertime we used the tractor for snow removal," Jenkins said.
Jenkins suspects the heavy equipment is headed to another state. "The likelihood of recovering your equipment is slim to none," he said.
For the full story, on, click here.

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