Training day

It’s mid-July, the temperature and humidity outside are on the rise and you’re most likely thinking about and planning for Winter 2015-16.

As you transition from year to year, and from season to season, you are likely challenging yourself to continue to grow and improve from last year in every aspect of your snow and ice management business.

One of the first components of any job comes in the form of training. So as you begin planning for the upcoming winter season, let’s examine where you should start for your training programs.

The American National Standard for Snow and Ice Management (ANSI/ASCA A1000-2014 System Requirements for Snow and Ice Management Services) outline the basic training requirements you need to make sure you cover with both your employees and your service providers.

Of course, the Industry Standards also requires full documentation of the training, and retaining that documentation through the statute of limitations in your state.

For employee training, the standards require an employer to provide the following training:

• Proper dress and personal safety precautions;

• Proper and safe operation of equipment;

• Standard operating procedures specific to performing individual jobs

• during an event;

• Review of state laws pertaining to operating and transporting equipment

• and snow removal in general;

• Proper and safe processes and procedures to follow while performing the

• job;

• Proper staking of properties;

• Proper reporting procedures for the snow contractor’s company;

• Company’s safety plan as it pertains to safe operations in the event of an

• incident;

• Proper emergency response;

• Basic remote equipment repair during an event.

This education should be documented and verified in writing.

While not rocket science, training assists in the creation of effective crews, safety and risk management.

To purchase a complete copy of the Industry Standards Contact the ASCA at 216-393-0303 or join the Accredited Snow Contractors Association today and receive a copy of the Industry Standards for free.


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