Solar-powered ‘treehouse’ has 360-degree views, Wi-Fi and refrigerated beer

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Real treehouses are a thing of the past. In 2015, the ultimate off-the-grid pad is here and don’t worry, it has Wi-Fi, beer, 360-degree view from its transparent walls and plenty of options for mood lighting.

Dubbed ‘The Skysphere’, the innovative elevated room has been designed by plastics engineer and graphic designer, Jono Williams who wanted to build an elevated room with a view that could sit virtually anywhere in the world not just where large trees grow.


The Skysphere is located in Linton, New Zealand, the structure is a circular single room accessible by a ladder in its base and offers endless views of the surrounding countryside.

Skysphere tree house

The room has high speed internet and colored mood lighting, a wireless sound system, refrigerated beer dispenser and fingerprint entry, all those options are accessible from a smartphone app.

trees house - Skysphere


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