ETwater launches SmartClub

NOVATO, Calif. — ETwater has announced the launch of SmartClub, a new pilot program that enables sustainability-minded individuals to become ETwater ambassadors and directly assist in the placement and activation of the ETwater Smart Irrigation service. This new business model gives SmartClub members the opportunity to promote water conservation and efficiency while also participating in a share of the revenue from every subscriber they activate. To apply, go to

Over 60 percent of water use nationally is for outdoor or irrigation uses, and 50 percent of that is wasted due to overwatering. ETwater’s Smart Irrigation service solves that problem and saves more water, time and money than any other solution available in the market. The new SmartClub is designed as a partnership program with an affinity model for selling this innovative and important service.
SmartClub members leverage their personal networks to sign up and activate subscribers. They raise awareness about the environmental and financial benefits of ETwater’s Smart Irrigation service, answer questions and provide interested customers with all the information they need to make a decision. A SmartClub member can sign up as many customers as they want to the subscription service. Each customer gets a low-cost device for their sprinkler and irrigation systems, an embedded wireless network account on ETwater’s 3G/4G wireless service, access to a cloud-based scheduling platform and concierge-level support.
“If you believe in water savings, or want to help others save our natural resources, you need our Smart Irrigation service and technology,” said Lee M. Williams, COO from ETwater. “The sharing economy has erupted over the past few years as individuals seek out flexible new ways to earn extra income from work they are passionate about. We realized there was a huge opportunity to apply this peer-based model to the smart irrigation space, so every resident and business in the country can get access to the capabilities of our platform and technology.”
The American workforce is now 34 percent freelancer, according to a study from the Freelancers Union and Upwork. Companies such as Uber, Airbnb and TaskRabbit have broken open the freelance landscape, and increasing numbers of workers are looking for alternative ways to generate and supplement their income. At the same time, California is facing a historically bad drought, underscoring the need for more efficient water systems. In addition, smart home technology is rapidly gaining momentum. BI Intelligence estimates that there are 1.9 billion devices today, and there will be 9 billion by 2018. The ETwater SmartClub program sits at the nexus of all these trends.
SmartClub members can ensure the devices are installed and running smoothly, and can also pick up other install, landscape survey or maintenance jobs in the SmartClub marketplace. In order to become a SmartClub Pilot member, individuals must participate in ETwater’s online training program and adhere to a professional and friendly code of conduct. They are entitled to $20 on activation per site, as well as 10 percent of the recurring monthly subscription fee for up to one year of the subscription term that any subscribers activate. Members also receive ETwater’s service free for one year.

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