PACE expands warehousing

To keep up with continued growth, outdoor power equipment distributor, PACE recently doubled its Lakeland, Fla. warehouse space to an expansive 41,628 total square feet. PACE also purchased an additional 44,000 square foot building on Keel Street near the PACE headquarters and main warehouse in Plymouth, Mich. The purchase and expansion brings PACE’s total warehouse space for the four locations (including West Bend and Sacramento) to 205,000 square feet.

Much of the expansion is made possible by PACE’s use of state-of-the-art technology. PACE is able to provide online ordering and same day shipping on parts and most equipment orders for enhanced dealer and end-user satisfaction. Dealers also benefit from PACE’s customer service from factory trained staff, plus 24-hr access to pricing and online ordering. “Ease of doing business is key. The easier we make things for our dealers, the better they can serve their customers. That’s great for everyone, and it’s great for business,” said PACE’s VP of Operations, Shawn Hill.
“It’s a challenging, dynamic business environment, but we have a dedicated, versatile staff. PACE team members welcome the challenges, and we are always developing and implementing new ideas to better serve our customers,” said Chris Saxton, president of PACE.
For more information, call 1-734-453-6258 or visit

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