Upcoming education event

This event, held Thursday, Oct. 15, will provide an in-depth overview over climate-appropriate plant materials and efficient irrigation technologies to maximize water efficiency while maintaining a visually appealing landscape. The event will feature workshops and a hands-on exhibit.

Meet, greet and be out front with professionals from organizations such as UC Davis, USGBCC, CLCA, LEED*, ASLA, AIA, CANGC*, CCUH, UCANR, ISA*, California Municipalities and more. Some of these organizations will also be offering continuing education credits to members who attend.
Lead speakers will be:
Dr. Dave Fujino of UC Davis and UCANR. Fujino, a horticultural consultant with more than 19 years business experience in the nursery industry, is the founding director of the California Center for Urban Horticulture (CCUH) at UC Davis. He earned his B.S. in Plant Science at UC Riverside, and his M.S. and Ph.D. from UC Davis in Environmental Horticulture and Plant Physiology.
Fujino is the current chair of the California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers and the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Nursery Pest Advisory Task Force. He also serves or has served on committees of the American Nursery and Landscape Association, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Nursery Growers Association, the State Water Resources Control Board and others.
Dr Loren Oki of UC Davis and UCANR will discuss Irrigation practices, scheduling and auditing. Oki has been a member of the faculty at UC Davis since 2002 and serves as the cooperative extension specialist in landscape horticulture.
Also joining in the discussion will be Karrie Reid UCANR landscape horticulture specialist, in the UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences on the topics of Converting to Low-Water Use Landscape and Climate- Appropriate Plants for Central California.
This is a full-day event at Belmont Nursery’s historic Henderson Gardens.
*Continuing Education Credits Available
Contact Laura Gromis at lgromis@usgbccc.org or 559-916-7023.

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