Achieve freedom as an owner

Webinar: Finding freedom as a landscape business owner

Thursday, Sept. 10 at noon EDT
Ron Edmonds of The Principium Group will be presenting a webinar on Sept. 10 at noon Eastern time. Ron will be interviewing Jeffrey Scott during this webinar, entitled Finding Freedom as a Landscape Business Owner.
The webinar will discuss the following:
– Key systems to develop a self-running business
– How to ensure your company is "scalable”
– The role of incentive systems; getting the right balance
– Real-life examples of success
– Can Design-Build run itself?
– Developing a systems-based culture
– Which people systems are critical for creating more freedom
– Can you have both more free time and more personal income?
– Key Milestones: what to put in place to achieve your goals
– Achieving the four ultimate measures of success
If you want to achieve more freedom (personal wealth and professional discretionary time), this interview with Jeffrey Scott will prove very enlightening.
Immediately boost your freedom as a business owner, by learning how to:
– Get your priorities clear and gain buy-in from your team
– Put the right systems in place
– Develop a system of accountability from the top down
– Recognize (and implement) the key role you need to play in your own success
All of this will be linked to positioning your business for sale or transfer.
Click here for more information and to register.

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