Meet companies “Face-to-Face”

Face-to-Face event

October 20, Lexington, Ky.

JP Horizons Face-to-Face events have been turning points for dozens of companies over the past 12 years. Combining a workshop setting with the opportunity to network and benchmark your business against some of the best companies in the country provides learning opportunities for attendees. The one-day agenda provides plenty of time for an in-depth tour to interact with company leaders and discuss the successes and struggles within the featured departments. The learning then goes to a higher level as peers discuss and debate the best business practices observed and how they can be used to make your business better.

Stephen Hillenmeyer Landscape Services
Fifth generation services at Stephen Hillenmeyer Landscape Services include landscape design, construction and installation, residential, commercial and equine lawn maintenance and care, tree/shrub care and snow removal. The Hillenmeyer culture continues to reflect the same principles that its heritage was founded upon 167 years ago, and you’ll see how they created this kind of long-term culture throughout each of the multiple levels of its service, products and people. Plan to learn about the processes that make Stephen Hillenmeyer Landscape Services successful and its commitment to training and professional development which has resulted in incredible career paths for its people.
This is an opportunity to sit and learn with other like-minded professionals as Stephen Hillenmeyer Landscape Services allows you to go Face to Face with them. Click here to register.

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