WorkWave makes two acquisitions

NEPTUNE, N.J. – WorkWave has announced the acquisition of RefGo, a consumer review platform, and, a provider of online marketing tools for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). With the addition of these two key pieces of functionality, WorkWave expands its addressable market to over $45 billion.

“The three biggest pain points our clients face today are improving productivity in the field, growing revenues cost effectively, and improving customer service and retention in a scalable way,” said Chris Sullens, CEO of WorkWave. “Through heavy investment in product development and several strategic acquisitions, WorkWave now offers the most powerful, cloud-based platform for improving fleet productivity in the industries we serve. While we plan to continue to invest heavily to enhance our mobility offerings, we will be aggressively adding features to the platform to help our clients solve the revenue growth and retention puzzle. Consumer reviews and marketing automation are critical elements in solving this puzzle.”
As part of these transactions, Malcolm Lewis, CEO of RefGo, and Nayt Grochowski, CTO of RefGo, have joined the WorkWave team and will be responsible for driving product development and go to market strategies for the consumer reviews and marketing automation segment of the business. RefGo has been rebranded as ContactUs Reviews and becomes part of WorkWave Marketing’s ContactUs suite of SMB marketing solutions.
“The beauty of our reviews product is that it provides insight into customer perception and service levels while helping clients increase lead volume and quality,” said Lewis. “Nayt and I are very excited to join the WorkWave team to help accelerate the development of the first true end-to-end solution to help clients grow and optimize their businesses.”
By integrating the existing products from ContactUs and RefGo into its field service software platforms, WorkWave provides an end-to-end solution for field service providers, connecting clients’ lead generation and service fulfillment functions in a way that enables them to determine the true ROI of their marketing efforts and better optimize these efforts going forward.
“This is an exciting and innovative development for the industry and our clients,” said Sullens. “The on-demand, ‘Uber of x’ gold rush is exciting for end users but not very helpful for the type of high quality providers that use the WorkWave platform. Most of these models will fall short for many reasons, mainly because they lack tight integration with the back end systems of their many service providers. Our approach of providing intuitive, ‘on demand-type’ tools that tightly connect the lead generation and service fulfillment functions allows clients on our platform to provide an Uber-type experience while capturing the full value of each customer they add. This holistic, provider-friendly approach empowers field service businesses and allows both the service providers and end users to win rather than have one group win at the other’s expense as is the case in many of these new models.”
For more information on ContactUs Reviews, visit, and for more information on, visit

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